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To measure is to know, if you can not measure it,  you can not improve it 

 (Lord kelvin)   

About Us

About Saudi Smart electronic Company

 To respond to the increasing demand of Smart Grid products in the kingdom and to transfer its technology to the kingdom,  an initiative has been taken by a Saudi scientist at King Saud University and German Engineers with cooperation from the Riyadh Valley company , a holding company fully owned by King Saud University  ‐ to develop a smart Electricity meter specifically designed for the Saudi Market, and to establish and sponsor a Smart metering company including a R&D lab within the RVC and King Saud University in Riyadh.

A company was established in 2013 and owned jointly between RVC and the smart meters developers & named : The Saudi Smart Electronic Company (SSEC) with initial capital of six million Saudi Riyals .

At a Glance /Executive Summary / Elevator Pitch

Why to invest with us in smart metering ?

-  Limited Competition

-  Among the First endogenously developers in KSA

-  Saudi Electric Company started the replacement of the existing 9 MN meters and to be completed by 2025

- We  have a full support of RVC at King Saud University 

Business opportunity in SMART METERING Local Industry:


-Variety of  smart products to be produced & wide products line

- Existence of demand at other Gulf and Arab states  

-  Lunching of vision 2030 at KSA

Meet the Team

Founding Member/experienced Scientist as promoters


Prof. Dr. Sami Saleh Al-Wakeel

•Ex - Dean and Founding Member of College of Computer Sciences & Information – King Saud University •Ex - Member King Saud university Council 2003-2009 •Masters and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University , USA    

International Product Partner


Abdelghani El – Kacimi, MSEE

•Partner ITEMIS AG (Germany) , Managing Director, ITEMIS (France) - MDSD of Embedded Systems, Mobile Solutions •Managing Director, MMC - Morocco Microelectronics Cluster •Ex – Texas Instruments Engineer & Masters - Electrical Engg from Ruhr University Bochum, Germany   

Business Partner


Riyadh Valley Company

Established by Saudi Council of Ministers at 2010 with 100 Million SR Capital . Its  strategic objectives are :


1.Support transformation towards knowledge-based economy

2.Transfer Technology and Value to Saudi Arabia

3.Leverage KSU Capabilities

4.Foster entrepreneurship and job creation.


Building and Integration the smart grid & IoT products

AMI System Design, Development and Management

Field Installation & Maintenance Tools

Metering Data Processing / Management

Hardware and Software Protection & Security
Utility Enterprise System Interfacing (e.g. SAP API) 

Utility Enterprise System Interfacing (e.g. SAP API)

Smart tools and systems Support & consultancy

We are available to consult with your or your staff when problems arise with your smart system. .

Research & Development Services

We will work with you to establish the appropriate research and development  program that will meet your needs and resources for your business. 

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Better yet, see us in person! Visit us at Riyadh valley building , King Saud University campus

Or mail us at : P.o.box 2627, Riyadh, Riyadh 11461, SA

Email;  ceo@sselco.com

Saudi Smart Electronic Company

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